National forum on maritime and river industry - 04 november 2010, Varna

A national forum titled "Maritime and river industry - one of the major national economic priorities of Bulgaria" was held on November 4, 2010 in Varna. Initiators were: Bulgarian Shipmasters' Association, Morski sadbi Foundation and Club of marine engineers. The Forum was supported by many NGOs from Varna, Bourgas, Rousse, Sofia and the academic community. Their representatives (including BMA) were included in the Organising Committee.

Numerous reports were made and speeches were held on various topics such as: maritime and river law - international, EU and national; maritime and river financing and insurance; shipbuilding and ship repair; shipping - ownership, management and operations, procurement, personnel policy; ports - property, maintenance and development, service activities (pilotage, towage); maritime education system - structure, efficiency of maritime education; maritime history and culture; innovations - research; Ecology - environment protection; the role of the Presidency, the Government, judical authorities and NGOs to determine the national maritime and river policy, strategy, objectives and methods for their implementation. The forum was accompanied by a photo exhibition titled "Maritime and river industry in Bulgaria - beginning and development", organized by the Military History Museum.

BMA presented a report entitled "Maritime industry in Burgas and Burgas region", written and exported by capt. Zhivko Petrov.

Participating branch organizations adopted a Declaration of the Forum.